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Finally finished the bootleg!

rosemarycountess Asked:
Hi! I suddenly remembered you're from Germany and that you saw POTO in Hamburg. I'm going to see it too, so I wanted to know - is there any way to find out about cast schedule? Maybe actors have it somewhere online? Want to see different people.

My answer:

You remembered correctly! ^^ 

Matthias Edenborn usually plays all evening performances, exept for sunday where he’s doing the matineé. (He’s on holiday from 11.8. - 24.8.2014) 

So I guess the best chance to see alternate David Arnsperger is on a Sunday.

U/s is Rob Pitcher.

Valerie Link has usually off Tuesday (though that varies) and Sunday evening. (She’s on holiday from 23.8.-24.8.2014) She always anounces her off shows on her official facebook.

And Lauri Brons normally does the Tuesday and Sunday evening shows.

U/s is Michele van de Ven.

Nicky Wuchinger always performs unless sick (right now he is).  If that’s the case u/s Oedo Kuipers takes over.

The schedule for PotO Hamburg is:

Mondays: no shows
Tuesdays: 18:30 (6:30) 
Wednesday: 18:30 (6:30) 
Thursday 20:00 (8:00) 
Friday: 20:00 (8:00) 
Saturday: 15:00 (3:00) and 20:00 (8:00) 
Sunday: 14:00 (2:00) and 19:00 (7:00) 

And here is my review.

When do you plan to go? I hope you have a blast!!


I’m terrible with color so I played around with watercolor today.

I’m such a pathetic little drawer.




Everyone should watch Sky High for the sheer fact that there is a character whose mother is a superhero and father is a super villain and the kid’s name is Warren Peace. 

Warren Peace, man. 

He also looks like this, if that helps at all


This movie is ridiculously underrated and the fact that they didn’t get to make it a four-part series like they had planned is a tragedy 

I’ve always loved that song.

Gosh, me too….that scene was so dreamy and I think Marian and Robin were my very first childhood otp….

I realized that my otp song for Raoul and Christine is Love from Robin Hood.  ╮(─▽─)╭


What a cutie* #

Click on the images to view them completely.

Alvadee’s Art Inspirations

(click on the pictures to see the artists names)

Others: Leslie Hung, Brittney Lee, Milt Kahl, Drew Struzan, J.C. Leyendecker, Frank Frazetta, Auguste Rodin, Robert McGinnis, Giovanni Boldini, John Singer Sargent, André Franquin, Don Rosa, Charles Dana Gibson, Mary Blair, Muirin007, Minkyu Lee, Jin Kim, Carter Goodrich, Adolf Hiremy Hirschl, Edward Hopper, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Aurelien Predal, Carter Goodrich, Paul Felix, Man Arenas, Audrey Benjaminsen.

There are probably still a lot missing. But I guess this is more my inner circle. 

I think you can see how a few of them even influenced my own “style”…

Anonym Asked:
hi!!! i just want to say that your art style is incREDIble and i love it and i was just wondering who your biggest inspirations are?

My answer:

THANK YOU ANON for your nice words about my own scribble palooza AND FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHOWCASE MY BELOVED ART IDOLS. (to whom this blog is dedicated most of the time anyway)

They get an extra post, so I don’t reply in this ask. C:


Colby Thomas just visited the new Hamburg production of POTO! ( X )


It’s been almost a year since I discovered PotO, and back then, I did these drawings of Erik and Christine.

Now, one year later, I’ve drawn the two again. Quite differently, I think! I can definitely see how artists such as muirin007, alvadee or elf-in-mirror have influenced my art style.

It’s been a tough year but I am so happy I found this story and this fandom and so many lovely people!

The one year old drawings were the one I found you through. I thought back then: Wow, an amazing artist. Probably new to the phandom since I hadn’t seen this art style before.
And now look at you!! What an amazing development! And you’re such a wonderful person and writter in addition to that. We can all be happy that you’re around here. Thank you! C:


Happy Birthday, Natalie Wood | July 20, 1938 - November 29, 1981 

"I adored Natalie Wood. She was incredibly generous, which not many people in our industry are. She was extremely driven and in charge of her career. Yet Natalie had a vulnerability about her - a part of her that longed to be taken care of." - Robert Redford

"She was like a human Alka Seltzer - she was just the most bubbling, effervescent person, and she was very easy to work with." - Tony Mordente

"She loved life too much. She was a brave women." - Tony Costello 

"There was a fragility in her, and the emotions were very close to the surface: scratch her and get to an emotional color right away. There’s something breathless about her, and you can feel a kind of quivering just below the surface, a very appealing and vulnerable part of her. She had it in person. There was a kind of breathless vulnerability. You want to say, ‘everything’s going to be okay.’" - Sydney Pollack


"she is mine!!"

I love art. 20,female.
Illustration student from Germany.
My Blog to follow, get inspiration, talk, show my art and just be who I am.
Feel free to ask me something. :)

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