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Does someone know websites where you can find illustration competitions where you can win prizes?




"Mon Ange, my living, breathing aria of love, Erik will always love you!"


"Why does my angel scorn her devoted Erik? Does she not know that Erik would sacrifice his very life just to see the shadow of a smile on Christine’s perfect lips?"(Authors note: coz’ Erik was just misunderstood ok he was not mad or violent or anything ok OK it was all Raouls fault just watch the movie dammit )”

"Mon Ange, my living, breathing aria of love, Erik will always love you!"

A pet peeve of mine: Phantom fics in which Erik’s and Christine’s only and constantly used nickname for each other is “angel”. And fics in which they give their daughter a terrible, kitschy, sometimes english name that has to do with music, like “Melody”. Just no.


Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) | pencil test


Bread knife


hmmm the more i have art blogs the more i feel like i gotta make my art better than the pictures i posted before, and then i start worrying myself and not posting anything because of it. i really gotta stop that!! i need to post things even if it’s not very good looking at all. i need to c hange this mindset!!




It’s just like being at SDCC! Now where’s FullBars?

CAN’T WAIT!!! August 1st can’t come soon enough


Because she was so young when her mother died, Christine’s memories of her mother are very scattered. One particular day she realises that she can’t recall some specific important detail about her mother (her name or her birthday or something on that order). This upsets her very badly, but her father isn’t there to ask (and wasn’t good at holding onto the kind of important paperwork that might have had it listed), and Mama Valerius can hardly remember *her own* information half the time, let alone that of a woman she’d never even met. Christine tries to shrug it off, but it feels *wrong* to her that she wouldn’t know something so important, and she drives herself nearly to distraction trying to remember it.

The Angel notices her frustration when she goes for her lesson later in the day. He asks her what the matter is, and she realises that her answer may not be as out of reach as she had feared: she asks the Angel if, when he goes back to Heaven for the night, (if it isn’t too much trouble) if *he* could ask one or the other of her parents for the information she is now so desperate for. He promises to try his best.  Sure enough, the very next evening the Angel is able to fill the blank spot in her memory, and Christine thanks him over and over, assuring him that, although she probably sounds silly for making a fuss over something so simple as asking a simple question for her, that it meant the world to her.

She didn’t know of the efforts Erik had gone to in secretly breaking into the vital records office, or that he had spent the entire night combing through hundreds of Swedish immigration records until he found the document that would have the answer to her simple question. But it was all worth it to see the way she smiled when he told her that answer.



If you honestly think these weren’t the best Batman movies then I’ll be praying for you, the Villain casting was LEGENDARY.

I’m inclined to agree with this


Things I love to do: Read about paranormal stuff at night.

Things I really, really need to stop doing: Read about paranormal stuff at night.


this is painfully accurate.


les mis dallas


oh there’s that voice with the promise of sin

and oh those lips are a promise of bliss

and I know that your embrace is a treacherous place

there’s danger in your kiss

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